FAWM 2017-Journal

And so I continue on the journey of musical discovery, in particular, deepening my relationship between acoustic and electronic music…I’m easing may way back into writing, as I don’t want to stress myself out….So far, I have only finished 2 songs, but there is more coming 😀 I may not finish 14 songs, but that isn’t really the point.  It’s more important for me to just create, and not worry about how much or how little. I’m just letting the spirit of music take me where it wills. I must let things flow these days. It’s better for me. I once again find myself putting on the hat of adventurer. It is time for me to get back into my creative realm. I took the red pill. Let’s see how far the rabbit hole goes…

Time of Discovery

I am headed into a time of discovery… you could say, I’m going on an adventure! I’m off to new creative places, new worlds to explore, new sounds and sights to make 🙂

For the second time, I will be participating in “February Album Writing Month” or FAWM, where each musician attempts to write 14 songs during that month. For me, it is a chance to explore, and discover new and more fulfilling ways to make music. I will be experimenting with new DAWS (digital audio workstations) and possibly some cool acoustic instruments as well. I’m just going to let myself be lead to the fun, and the inspiration.  For more information, go here: fawm.org  To follow me on this crazy journey, please start here:  http://fawm.org/fawmers/ladycarolynhyde/  I will also be keeping a journal right here on this blog =)

I’m looking forward to this journey. 😀



Why do we create Art?

Why do we create Art? Why do artists exist, and what drives them to create this art? What is the point of creating?  These are questions that I am sure have been asked throughout the ages, yet these days, it seems like people have forgotten.  I feel that we have come to a point in human history where we have an onslaught of information and ideas, yet many feel unfulfilled. It is evident to me that we as a race have lost touch with ‘real’ art; creations that have deep and profound meaning, that make you think, make you wonder, make you question, make you feel inspired, make you feel – period.  So much art these days is devoid and diluted of real meaning. Music, in particular, has fallen victim to this since the birth of the millennium. Instead of real musicians making art and expressing themselves, we now have business people making music that will sell. It’s no longer about making or allowing people to feel emotions. They make ‘robot music.’ They quantize the rhythms and melodies into such perfect timing that you lose the human element, which is where you get the magic, the x-factor. Without this human element, you lose the meaning and purpose, which is to make connections.  And THAT is why we make art, any kind of art: to make connections; with our inner selves, with others, with the world and indeed the universe beyond.  Making art helps us seek truth and meaning in our lives, gives us a sense of purpose, and helps us heal.  It helps one validate and understand the existence of themselves and others.  We, as a race need to get back to allowing ourselves to feel emotions, and make these much needed connections. It reminds us that we are here, we exist; We are Valid.

Experimenting with Custom Overlays :D

Hey y’all! Hope you are well. Recently, I have been experimenting with making and using my own overlays in my app Pixlr. I usually play around with the initial image using only the manipulation tools (sometimes not at all!) and then add an overlay of the same picture or a different one (or more) that I have taken, using the ‘double exposure’ feature. 

From there, I go through the types of overlays and just see what feels right to me. My fav type is the ‘negative’ as it can bring out some pretty rad colours! 

After that, the sky’s the limit really. I just have fun with the overlay(s). I’ll go back to the manipulation tools and play with it til it looks and feels right. My go-to manipulation tools are hue, contrast, vibrance and saturation (I love bold ok?)

These pics were made without any pre-made overlays:

Try it yourself! I think I’ll attempt to film a demo for you soon! 🙂 I’m also going to go find links to the app, and add them here later. I believe Pixlr is available for iOS and Android. It is also available on apple desktop computers. Not sure about PC yet, but again, Ima gonna check 🙂
~ Peace my fine humans!

love, Aloesia

Feeling better these days

I have been feeling better overall recently. Every day gets better. I find myself craving more and more to make art, in general. I haven’t felt like this since I was a young teen. I guess this is what the world does to you (I should escape it more! lol). I have the wonderful people that are in my life right now to thank for that. THANK YOU!! You know who you are 😀

Recently, I have been experimenting with new music DAW’s and apps to make my music and art. Musically, I have been diving into Ableton Live, and loving Drum Pad Machine on my android phone. For my digital art, I am in love with this app called Pixlr, also on my android. I use the manipuating tools a lot, and this app really lets one stretch the boundaries of those (I’ll make a post on that dude later). 

I am recording myself more in audio form, both with musical ideas, and just talking. It has really made a difference, as now I have a good place to put my raw thoughts into. 

I think that’s enough for now…see you all in the next post! 

P.S. I will just make these posts when I feel like it, I need to feel compelled to write these 🙂 I will also start including links to cool stuff.

A few words about my art…

Sooooo, hi! I’ve never done a blog before, therefore I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge on it (I will get better). k here we go…

Most of my work is abstract in nature, both my music and visual art, as this is just how my brain works I suppose. I am inspired by the the Cosmos, the world around me, and the strange and wonderful things that catch my eyes and ears. I will indeed be sharing my work here on the blog, probably through links to where I upload them, so keep your eyes peeled! 🙂 I also intend to share my thoughts and commentary on my creative process here.

I have been a musician all my life, and I make both live and recorded stuff.  I started experimenting with recording programs when I was about 14/15 years old. My recorded music is abstract and mostly electronic and ambient. I would consider it to be experimental, and possibly avant-garde. My live music is kinda the opposite. It sounds more folky and raw. I have been performing since I was very young, I think 2 years old? I play a variety of instruments, including, but not limited to: voice, drums, hand percussion, piano, and guitar. Ultimately, I go where the music leads me. When I perform live, I go by the name Lady C.

I do a few visual art things…Firstly, I have always loved documenting life, and show this through photography and some video (mostly music videos).  Many of my pictures I turn into digital pieces of art, some abstract, some surreal and otherworldly. I am also an abstract and impressionist painter. I have always loved to paint with my fingers, so I do a lot of that, though I do use brushes as well.

Well, thank you for reading my post, and I look forward to sharing my art with ya!

much love, Aloesia/Lady C