New Album in the Works!

Yo! Howz everybody doin? 😉 I have been creating some new music and putting together a new sonic experience for your beautiful ears to devour =) Some tunes you may recognize; I am reworking them as I feel they deserve some studio love. There are going to be fresh faces as well. I am very … Continue reading New Album in the Works!


Introducing… The Theremin v3! – A Musical Journey; Pt. 1

So, my buddy Bill is an inherent craftsman and all-round genius; you want something built, chances are, he can build it.  He approached me one day asking if I had ever heard of a theremin. I told him I knew about it because of its use in Star Trek, and that I'd always wanted to … Continue reading Introducing… The Theremin v3! – A Musical Journey; Pt. 1

Love/Hate relationship

Ever since my mother's tragedy I have had a love/hate relationship with Music. I have struggled with wanting to write. When she became ill and then passed away, I lost that drive, that desire. I wanted to give it back. I didn't want my gift. I am still fighting inside myself: "I want it yet … Continue reading Love/Hate relationship

FAWM 2017-Journal

And so I continue on the journey of musical discovery, in particular, deepening my relationship between acoustic and electronic music...I'm easing may way back into writing, as I don't want to stress myself out....So far, I have only finished 2 songs, but there is more coming 😀 I may not finish 14 songs, but that isn't … Continue reading FAWM 2017-Journal

Time of Discovery

I am headed into a time of discovery... you could say, I'm going on an adventure! I'm off to new creative places, new worlds to explore, new sounds and sights to make 🙂 For the second time, I will be participating in "February Album Writing Month" or FAWM, where each musician attempts to write 14 songs … Continue reading Time of Discovery

Why do we create Art?

Why do we create Art? Why do artists exist, and what drives them to create this art? What is the point of creating?  These are questions that I am sure have been asked throughout the ages, yet these days, it seems like people have forgotten.  I feel that we have come to a point in … Continue reading Why do we create Art?

Experimenting with Custom Overlays :D

Hey y'all! Hope you are well. Recently, I have been experimenting with making and using my own overlays in my app Pixlr. I usually play around with the initial image using only the manipulation tools (sometimes not at all!) and then add an overlay of the same picture or a different one (or more) that … Continue reading Experimenting with Custom Overlays 😀