Why do we create Art?

Why do we create Art? Why do artists exist, and what drives them to create this art? What is the point of creating?  These are questions that I am sure have been asked throughout the ages, yet these days, it seems like people have forgotten.  I feel that we have come to a point in human history where we have an onslaught of information and ideas, yet many feel unfulfilled. It is evident to me that we as a race have lost touch with ‘real’ art; creations that have deep and profound meaning, that make you think, make you wonder, make you question, make you feel inspired, make you feel – period.  So much art these days is devoid and diluted of real meaning. Music, in particular, has fallen victim to this since the birth of the millennium. Instead of real musicians making art and expressing themselves, we now have business people making music that will sell. It’s no longer about making or allowing people to feel emotions. They make ‘robot music.’ They quantize the rhythms and melodies into such perfect timing that you lose the human element, which is where you get the magic, the x-factor. Without this human element, you lose the meaning and purpose, which is to make connections.  And THAT is why we make art, any kind of art: to make connections; with our inner selves, with others, with the world and indeed the universe beyond.  Making art helps us seek truth and meaning in our lives, gives us a sense of purpose, and helps us heal.  It helps one validate and understand the existence of themselves and others.  We, as a race need to get back to allowing ourselves to feel emotions, and make these much needed connections. It reminds us that we are here, we exist; We are Valid.


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