Introducing… The Theremin v3! – A Musical Journey; Pt. 1

So, my buddy Bill is an inherent craftsman and all-round genius; you want something built, chances are, he can build it.  He approached me one day asking if I had ever heard of a theremin. I told him I knew about it because of its use in Star Trek, and that I’d always wanted to try it if I ever got my hands on one. So then he asks if I would want one! Of course I said yes =) This is (apparently) a new ‘breed’ shall we say, of theremin, called the “open theremin” or “Theremin v3.”  Firstly, I am humbled and honoured to have such an instrument in my possession. I’ve already written one tune so far, which you can listen to here: Since this instrument is so rare, I plan on documenting my journey with it as much as I can.  I am SO looking forward to making strange and outta-this-world music for you with this little dude.  

xoxo C



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